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Orthomobility creates prosthetic solutions by combining innovative design with dynamic physics, renewing movement and freedom for amputees around the globe.

The VGK is an adaptive fluidic knee joint, bridging the gap between microprocessor controlled and basic hydraulic knees. An exciting patented Third Technology.

Our site is informative, educational, and for some, even scientific. We are excited about walking well with a lim-prosthesis, and we want you to be excited too!

The Technical Aspect of the VGK

Class of Joint

The VGK is a fluidically controlled hydraulic knee joint.

-As opposed to electronically controlled hydraulics such as in C-leg.

-As opposed to using pneumatics such as in Orion.

-As opposed to using rheomagnetics such as in Rheo.


Stance Mode activation

The VGK is a default stance knee joint. (just like the C-leg, and Mauch SNS)

-As opposed to weight activation of stance mode as in 3R80.

-As opposed to geometric locking as in Total-Knee.


Stumble Recovery support

The VGK supports stumble recovery when the toe hits the ground prior to full extension.

-Stumble recovery support is not naturally present in knee joints .

-An example of a stumble recovery can be viewed.


Walking downstairs and downslope

The VGK supports  leg-over-leg walking  downstairs and down slope.

-The VGK has a remarkable steady action in the movement of the knee.

-The VGK is insensitive to any added weight being carried down stairs.


Thermal properties

The VGK, due to fluidic control technology, provides significant compensation for the thinning out of the hydraulic fluids which can so easily cause loss of power in hydraulic knee joints.

-This thermal stability has been tested in the lab.

-This thermal stability has been tested in walking 600 steps downstairs.

-The frame of the VGK acts as a large cooling fin.


Adaptive behaviour

The VGK is autoadaptive to user needs:

-The VGK speeds up when walking speed increases.

-The VGK stabilises movement walking downstairs and downslope.

-Terminal impact self regulates its strength.


Water resistance

The VGK is water resistant:

-For reasons of safety against the permissible depth of immersion under water , the maximum depth of use is waist-deep.

-See instructions for use.


Kneeling angle

The VGK has been constructed to allow maximum knee flexion in kneeling, socket permitting.

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